Intellectual Property

TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd values its intellectual property and takes any instances of infringement seriously.  The information contained in this page is intended to provide notice of TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd’s registered and unregistered intellectual property rights including its copyright material, trade marks, inventions and designs.

If you have questions about our intellectual property or if you seek permission to use our intellectual property or become aware of improper use of our intellectual property please contact us immediately.

TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd respects the legitimate rights of other traders and expects the same in return.  However, TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd will be assertive in the protection and enforcement of its legitimate intellectual property rights when they are infringed.

Trade Marks

TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd has a number of valuable brands that it uses in its business and it protects these through various means including by seeking registered trade marks in various countries.  The listing of registered trade marks and applications to register trade marks on this page may not be all-inclusive, and it does not preclude TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd from pursuing other legal rights.

Country Trade Mark No Title Classes
Australia 1883844 TOTAL BLASTHOLE 7, 13, 17, 37, 42
Australia 1883854 TBS 7, 13, 17, 37, 42
Australia 1883861 COLLAR KEEPER 7, 17
International 1454664 COLLAR KEEPER 7, 17
Europe 1454664 COLLAR KEEPER 7, 17

Unauthorised use of a sign that is the same or similar to a registered trade mark in relation to goods or services covered by the trade mark registration will be an infringement. 

Patents and Registered Designs

TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd provides products and services to the minerals and exploration industries. Some of the products and services may be protected by patents or registered design rights in various countries. TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd has extensive international protection for its intellectual property. The listing of patents and registered designs on this page is not exhaustive and is indicative of the inventions and designs that are the subject of international protection. An up to date and exhaustive list of patents, patent applications and registered designs, including the geographical coverage is available upon request.

International Patent Appln No Filing Date Title Product
PCT/AU2018/050557 5 June 2018 A method and apparatus for dewatering, lining and depositing bulk explosive into a blast hole in a single pass
PCT/AU2018/050752 18 July 2018 A method and apparatus for preventing rock fragments from entering a blast hole COLLAR KEEPER
Australian Design Regn No Filing Date Title Product
201716879 10 November 2017 Flexible sheet for insertion in a borehole COLLAR KEEPER

Patent laws provide that the unauthorised use, manufacture, sale, offer for sale or hire of a product or a service that embodies the inventive concept claimed in the specification of the patent will be an infringement.  Patent infringement is a complex issue and professional advice from a patent attorney is usually required to understand if a product or service infringes a patent.

Likewise, laws for the protection of registered designs provide that the unauthorised use, manufacture, sale, offer for sale or hire of an article that embodies the features of shape and configuration of the registered design will be an infringement.


TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd is the owner of copyright in all of the content of this website including text, trademarks, illustrations, photos, graphics, files, designs, arrangements and more.  Furthermore, for the information of clients and prospective clients, TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd produces other material for use in its business and for clients and prospective clients in which copyright subsists such as promotional items, leaflets, proposals, contracts and other commercial documents, technical documents, instruction manuals and presentations which can include text or other copyright material such as digital photography, graphic design and other digital artistic imagery.  TBS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd may use such material in the course of its business and may provide some of this material to its clients or prospective clients.  The copying, reproduction, publication, sale, transmission or distribution of any of the contents of this copyright material without express written permission is a breach of copyright.