Collar Keeper® System (CKS) is an innovation designed to protect the pre-conditioned section at the top of each blast bench from the moment the drill bit engages with the ground surface, through to the blasthole completion. This technology represents an exciting step change in managing blast hole quality and provides a unique solution for clients to a range of different blasting environments with global applications.

Collar Keeper System (CKS)


Collar Keeper is our patent pending, uniquely designed, easy to use solution for stabilising blasthole cuttings, collars and the preconditioned column after drilling. It’s easily inserted into the blasthole immediately after drilling and remains in the blasthole through until stemming. Its primary aim is to significantly reduce redrills and provide excellent drilled depth retention.

Benefits of using the Collar Keeper include:

  • Significantly decreases drill & blast costs & time,
  • Minimises material fall-back,
  • Retains drilled depth,
  • Protects explosives hoses during loading,
  • Improves Explosives column quality,
  • Enables increased preconditioning zone,
  • Reduces likelihood of lead damage,
  • Reduces requirement for ‘one use’ gas bags.

Discover all of the benefits of using the Collar Keeper in ensuring the quality of your blastholes. 

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